Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday update

No coverage on ZNBC tonight or last night, though they did find time for a story on a news writer who got married. We may try again; the interviewer wasn't really prepared for the interview, and thought I was just there to make a statement. One upside for today is that The Post ran an ad on its back page about its Press Freedom Committee meeting set for Wednesday night, listing the speakers, including your humble servant.

Sunday was a great day with one big exception. I had a wonderful game drive in the Chaminuka preserve, about an hour out a washboard dirt road from Lusaka, and a nice lunch with a couple from London on their third visit here. But I also lost most of a filling from the inside of a lower molar, and as the day went on, talking and chewing raised a blister on the side of my tongue. Since talking (after listening) is the main thing I am here to do, we'll be locating a dentist today.

Monday's schedule puts me at The Post, the only privately owned daily paper and one that has probably made a significant difference in the future of this country. Now some of its people and friends are in the government, but that has not kept it from criticizing the new president's choices for a committee to draft a new constitution. I look forward to learning more about The Post and how it goes about its work.

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